Excellent new Manual of Catholic Medical Ethics

Manual-671x1024Modern medical technology and therapeutic options are in constant development and are far from having reached their limits. Many healthcare workers, biomedical scientists, pastoral caregivers and also patients wonder which the moral consequences are and which the constraints.

From their expertise in the field of medicine and ethics and from the perspective of the practice of healthcare, the authors offer a helping hand in answering these questions. Taking into account the most recent developments many actual questions are discussed. They are presented according to the phases of life where medical-ethical questions may arise. Well-argued answers to these questions and dilemmas are given, based on the teachings of the Catholic Church. May these provide in a need of Catholic healthcare workers, who nowadays are searching for sources of inspiration for their view of healthcare and spirituality.

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Pope Francis on Autism

Autismo-FIAMC12-1024x682Vatican Radio – Pope Francis says we need to “break down the isolation and stigma that burden” people living with autism spectrum disorders. The Pope was speaking to participants at a three-day conference sponsored by the Pontifical Council for Pastoral Health Care titled The Person with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Animating Hope.

Emer McCarthy’s report:
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Premier message du Dr. John Lee, le nouveau president de la FIAMC

Lee2Chers frères et sœurs dans le Christ,

Je tiens à vous remercier tous car c’est un grand honneur d’être élu président de la FIAMC. Merci pour votre confiance en moi, mais je me sens tout à fait inadapté pour la tâche à accomplir.

Cependant, ce qui me réconforte c’est la pensée que Jésus a choisi un pêcheur ignorant plutôt qu’un rabbin instruit pour diriger l’Église. L’expression “N’ayez pas peur” que le Pape Jean-Paul a prononcé à son élection me revient à l(‘esprit et tend à atténuer certaines de mes craintes.

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First message of Dr. John Lee, the new president of FIAMC

Lee2Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I would like to thank all of you for it is indeed a great honor to be elected as the President of FIAMC. Thank you for your trust in me but I feel totally inadequate for the task in hand. However I am comforted by the thought that Jesus chose an ignorant fisherman rather than a learned rabbi to lead the Church. The phrase “Be not afraid” which Pope John Paul uttered at his election to the papacy echo in my mind alleviating some of my apprehension.

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