A Crash Course in Catholic Medical Ethics

Schermafdruk 2015-04-20 22.46.12New on this website: A Crash Course in Catholic Medical Ethics, originally presented in lecture format April 29, 2008 in Worcester, MA (USA) as part of the 4th Annual Healthcare Professionals for Divine Mercy Conference: Medicine, Bioethics, and Spirituality. It is reproduced here kindly with permission of Fr. Germain Kopaczynski, OFM Conv., Ph.D., S.T.D.

You can find the Crash Course here.

Catholic Medical Quarterly: New Topic index

CMQThe ‘Catholic Medical Quarterly’, the Journal of the Catholic Medical Association (UK) has published a new topic index on its website, with  articles from 2011 onwards. The index does not index every page, but groups a significant number of articles by topic. For earlier articles one has to goto Archive Index.

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Catholic medical professionals need courageous shepherds

Holy-Alliance-Logo-1024x213Today’s controversial moral issues need the unity of two worlds… Faith and Reason. Medical professionals need courageous shepherds to challenge them to uphold the teachings of the Catholic faith in the science and practice of medicine. So also, our priests have a need to be updated on the science behind the major medical moral issues that confront the faithful.

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Why a Christian Anthropology Makes a Difference


Peter Kreeft

It is simply impossible to agree on ethics, on how to act, on what is good and what is not, if you disagree about metaphysics or anthropology. And since ethics is unavoidable, so is anthropology. Of the two words in the term “Christian anthropology,” I assume that I don’t need to define the word Christian because the Church has been doing that for two thousand years — they’re called creeds. But what about anthropology?

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