Study Day – ‘Robot: a Hand for Man’

AngelicumcompletoInstitute Alberto Magno (Angelicum) and the Centre Universitaire Notre-Dame de la Paix (University of Namur) 

Organize a Study Day

ROBOT: a Hand for MAN
May 9th, 2015
Aula Minor

Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas – Angelicum
Largo Angelicum, 1 – 00184 Rome

The Study Day, coordinated by Prof. Giulia Lombardi and Prof. Dominique Lambert, will be divided into six public lectures by as many speakers who, depending on their specialization, will address the interaction of the robot with man, seen especially in its fragility. The conference will be held in Italian, English and French and will be offered the simultaneous translation from English into Italian and from Italian into English.

Their names are as follows:

– Luisa Damiano (Associate Researcher, CERCO; Visiting Professor of the Department of Human and Social Sciences, University of Bergamo). Artificial empathy.
– Domenico Prattichizzo (Professor of the Department of Information Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, University of Siena). Robotic tactile interface and the disabled.
– Hagen Lehman (Marie Curie Experienced Researcher, Italian Institute of Technology, Genoa). Social interaction human-robot: autistic children, the elderly.
– Bernard Ars (Otolaryngologist, Brussels – Belgium, President of the bioethics committee FIAMC). Man in his weakness and medical aids robots.
– Gianmarco Veruggio (Professor Head of the Operational Genoa CNR-IEIIT, School of Robotics, Genoa). Robot, war and civilian casualties.
– Dominique Lambert (University of Namur). Robots, men and peace.

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