Catholic medical professionals need courageous shepherds

Holy-Alliance-Logo-1024x213Today’s controversial moral issues need the unity of two worlds… Faith and Reason. Medical professionals need courageous shepherds to challenge them to uphold the teachings of the Catholic faith in the science and practice of medicine. So also, our priests have a need to be updated on the science behind the major medical moral issues that confront the faithful.

Physicians can provide medical information and understanding to priests, enabling them to speak to their flocks with greater confidence about complex contemporary issues such as:

  • Napro Technology/Infertility
  • Risks of Prenatal Genetic Tests
  • Neuroscience of Pornography
  • Advanced Directives/POLST
  • Catholic Living Wills
  • Morning After Pill
  • Mitochondrial Replacement (3 Person Embryo)

Local guilds of the Catholic Medical Association (USA) are now active in over 80 dioceses throughout the country, providing a platform from which the Holy Alliance can rapidly spread. In these challenging times, priests and Catholic physicians can form partnerships to counter the false claims and seductive arguments of our secular culture. The Holy Alliance gives witness to the fact that the truths of science and the truths of the Faith are never in conflict as they both have one and the same Source.

We welcome all priests and physician members of the Catholic Medical Association to become a part of the Holy Alliance as we join forces in serving the Divine Physician.

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The Holy Alliance has been made possible by a grant from Our Sunday Visitor Institute. The Catholic Medical Association is most grateful for their support.