Gènéthique, ‘The first bioethics news website’

Gènéthique is a French-English news website on bioethics, based in Paris, France, created in the year 2000. The website offers:

  • a daily press release in for national (French) and international French news on bioethics
  • articles that enable you to get a deeper understanding of news
  • an experts corner for deciphering complex news items with the help of specialists like geneticists, physicians, biologists, legal experts, philosophers, etc.
  • a lexicon of terms in bioethics
  • a bibliography of works that touch on themes on the site
  • a directory of national and international legislation in force
  • a calendar of major events and appointments that fuel the bioethics media news.

14 major bioethical themes are listed: the end of life, medically assisted procreation (MAP) and surrogacy, cloning, human genome, bioethics law, conscientious objection, transhumanism, organ donation, embryo research and alternative (adult stem cells and iPS in particular), preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), prenatal diagnosis and abortion, genetically modified organisms (GMO). To understand the issues, background files will be posted.

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Publishing Director : Jean-Marie Le Méné
Editorial staff : L. Pacherie, G. Mouchet, C. Larmoyer, H. du Repaire, M-A Chéron Occasional contributors : Alain Privat, Aude Mirkovic, Jean-Marie Le Méné, Jacques Testart, Olivier Rey, Nicolas Gombault, Jerry Sainte Rose, Carlo V. Bellieni, Grégor Puppinck, Emmanuel Sapin, Danielle Moyse, Benoît Bayle, Henri Hude, Laurence Henry, Jacques Suaudeau.

Addresse : Gènéthique – 37 rue des Volontaires – 75015 PARIS
Web : www.genethique.org/en
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