Three-Parent Embryo Research Detrimental for Women, the Unborn and Society

On the 15th of May Dr. Marie T. Hilliard, NCBC Director of Bioethics and Public Policy and registered nurse (photo), shared her clinical and bioethical expertise in providing public testimony to the Institute of Medicine. Dr. Hilliard explained how detrimental the current research is to women, the unborn, and society. Though the purpose of the research, purportedly, is to prevent mitochondrial disease, in reality it is focused on a eugenics that destroy less than perfect human life.

To read a full copy of the NCBC Testimony, click HERE.

Dr. Hilliard states, in no uncertain terms, that: “This research is a far cry from therapeutic studies to modify in a healthy manner nuclear DNA. Animal studies are advancing in this area, so that one day treatment can occur without destroying or altering a human. Here is where our society’s efforts should be concentrated, not on this research whose benefits remain unknown, whose impact on women and even the surviving embryos is blatantly negative, and whose impact on generations to come is uncharted.”

Please be sure to read the full testimony and keep abreast of the many initiatives the NCBC has undertaken in the area Public Policy. To read more on the Centers current work in Public Policy, click HERE.

The National Catholic Bioethics Center
Official Testimony on Three-Parent Embryos for the Institute of Medicine
May 22, 2015
© 2015 by the National Catholic Bioethics Center

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