Physiologie de l’homme et de la femme : les débuts de la vie

Une vidéo sur la physiologie de l’homme et de la femme, habituellement diffusée dans le cadre d’Amour & vérité, mission de la Communauté de l’Emmanuel au service des familles, de l’éducation des enfants et de la vie. Il s’agit plus précisément d’un enseignement pour la formation des moniteurs en régulation naturelle des naissances, par François Pinguet, médecin gynécologue, laïque consacrée au sein de la Communauté. Bref, une vidéo pour mieux se connaître et mieux s’aimer, à mettre en toutes les mains !

Homosexuality and Hope

HomosezualityHope1The Catholic Medical Association in the USA offers a summary and review of the status on the issue of homosexuality. This summary relies extensively on the conclusions of various studies and points out the consistency of the teachings of the Church with these studies. It is hoped that this review will also serve as an educational and reference tool for Catholic clergy, physicians, mental health professionals, educators, parents and the general public. The research referenced in this report counters the myth that same-sex attraction is genetically predetermined and unchangeable and offers hope for prevention and treatment.

The summary and review is also online available in French, Spanish and Italian.

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“The Catholic On Call Handbook”

cmg_logo-153x143-custom1The Catholic On Call Handbook, which can be found online on the website of theCatholic Medical Guild of Singapore, is a bioethics guide for Catholic doctors that aims to help with navigation through sticky ethical situations in clinical practice. Each chapter provides information on Church teaching, basic information – medical, legal, etc. – on the topic in question, suggested responses to various clinical scenarios, frequent asked questions and references for further reading. Written by Dr. Alison Marion Snodgrass, with input from: Dr. Ian James Snodgrass, Father David Garcia O.P., Dr. Colin Ong, Dr. John Hui and Dr. Ong Yew Jin. 

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