“The Catholic On Call Handbook”

cmg_logo-153x143-custom1The Catholic On Call Handbook, which can be found online on the website of theCatholic Medical Guild of Singapore, is a bioethics guide for Catholic doctors that aims to help with navigation through sticky ethical situations in clinical practice. Each chapter provides information on Church teaching, basic information – medical, legal, etc. – on the topic in question, suggested responses to various clinical scenarios, frequent asked questions and references for further reading. Written by Dr. Alison Marion Snodgrass, with input from: Dr. Ian James Snodgrass, Father David Garcia O.P., Dr. Colin Ong, Dr. John Hui and Dr. Ong Yew Jin. 

Chpt 1 – Decision-making in health care

Chpt 2 – Contraception, sterilisation and family planning

Chpt 3 – Infertility

Chpt 4 – Abortion

Chpt 5 – Genetic testing and research

Chpt 6 – Sexuality

Chpt 7 – Organ and stem cell transplants

Chpt 8 – Euthanasia

Chpt 9 – Vaccines

Source: www.cmg.org.sg/resources

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