The Laws of Life and Death

The Laws of Life and DeathThese days we hear a lot about “death with dignity,” but what does the dignity of human life demand? As the lobbyists for euthanasia and assisted suicide grow in influence, and as we face a healthcare future more murky and frightening than it has been in generations, our society finds itself in desperate need of sound and compassionate guidance on end-of-life issues. 

In The Laws of Life and Death, George Delgado – a Catholic physician and expert on both the medical and ethical issues surrounding terminal patient care – offers a useful guide to navigating the choices faced by the aged, sick, and dying, and those who care for them.

This fact-filled presentation explores that area we don’t like to talk about, but must—the one certainty each of us and our loved ones will face: the approach of death. What kinds of care and treatment are moral, and what kinds are obligatory, for the seriously ill? When is it time to withhold further treatment? What can we do to ease pain?

Listen to The Laws of Life and Death and learn how you can prepare yourself and your loved ones, both practically and spiritually, for the end of your life and what lies beyond.

Format: 2 Compact Discs or MP3, approxiamately 90 minutes
Author: Dr. George Delgado
Publisher: Catholic Answers Press


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