Cases where the Use of Non Abortifacient Contraceptives can be Lawful

Father Jacques Suaudeau

The case of threat of microcephaly within the scope of Zirka epidemics and the interview of Pope Francis during his way back flight from Mexico to Rome on this matter has led a ad hoc committee of the FIAMC to publish a text on cases where the use of non abortifacient contraceptives can be lawful, a text assessed by Father Jacques Suaudeau, Ecclesiastical Assistant of the FIAMC.   

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The Heart and the Abyss: Preventing Abortion

imageAt the heart of the abortion debate is a seemingly simple proposition: given the basic biology that the fertilised human egg is scientifically speaking a living human being the orthodox Catholic understanding that the ethical rule against killing should apply before as well as after birth seems self-evident. Understandably, however, the abortion debate in practice becomes far more complex. Legalising abortion has implications far beyond the unborn baby: for the mother who have to face the agonising choice of whether or not to terminate the life of her developing baby, for the father who may have no legal role in the decision but whose influence, for good or ill, is hard to ignore, for doctors who face pressure to collaborate in the taking of life itself and for a society which increasingly sees abortion as a necessary consequence of the desire to separate the sexual act from reproduction.

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