The Personalism of St. John Paul II

Since Pope St. John Paul II died in 2005, his rich philosophical legacy has not received the attention it deserves. In the 2015 Fifth Annual Summer Seminar, the Hildebrand Project  commemorated the significant tenth anniversary by giving special attention to his seminal personalism. The Seminar did so by setting him in dialogue with Dietrich von Hildebrand, another eminent Christian personalist. In this video John F. Crosby’s contribution on the personalism of John Paul II: “The Struggle for the Person”. What is the difference between someone en something? How does this relate to Aquinas objectivism and to modern subjectivism? What does this mean for – among others – for the sick?

Watch all the video’s of the 2015 Summer Seminar.

Go to the website of the Hildebrand Project.

Personalist_PortraitsThe 2016 Sixth Annual Summer Seminar will be held from June 12 till 16, 2016:

“The Past and Promise of Christian Personalism”

The four-day seminar introducing Christian Personalism to scholars, university and high school professors, graduate students, and people active in public life.

For more information click here.

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