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The American NCBC brings you thoughtful, in-depth commentary on ethics at the crossroads of science, medicine, and daily life.

Recent episodes:

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  • Episode 26: Ethical and Religious Directives Part 2: Revisions to Part Six – John Brehany, Ph.D.
  • Episode 25: Ethical and Religious Directives Part 1: Overview – John Brehany, Ph.D.
  • Episode 24: Growing Acceptance of Assisted Suicide Part 2 – Kris Correira
  • Episode 23: Growing Acceptance of Assisted Suicide Part 1 – Kris Correira
  • Episode 22: Organ Procurement and Allocation – Barry Massa
  • Episode 21: Catholic Identity in Health Care Education – Dr. Anthony Aretz

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The New Charter for Health Care Workers now available online

The New Charter for Health Care Workers, the Pontifical Council for Pastoral Assistance to Health Care Workers’ definitive guide on bioethics in the Catholic Church, is now available in an online form. Updated from the earlier 1995 Charter, this book cover a wide range of issues in medical ethics, including end-of-life issues, reproductive ethics, and moral questions connected to the advance of science and medical technology.

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To order a bound copy: click here.

In its ethical cookbook, medicine needs more than autonomy

No one wants to go back to the bad old days of medicine. Not only were treatment options limited, crude and often harmful, but doctors often failed to treat their patients as persons, and instead as objects of scientific inquiry and experimentation.

The same is true of the more recent past: think of the cruel medical experiments of Nazi doctors, or, closer to home, to the ghastly Tuskegee Syphilis Trial. ‘First do no harm’ has often been, and continues to be, flouted. Medicine is an ineluctably moral pursuit, for it involves interactions with persons. It needs to be thought of and through as such.

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