“Fides et Ratio” – 20 years – Premonitory Encyclical.

On September 14th, the Church celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the publication of the encyclical “Fides and Ratio” of Saint John Paul II.

St. John Paul II invites all men, mainly women and men of thought, to the audacious and rigorous exercise of the constitutive reason of their being, beyond their differences; in order to reach the truth.

He insists on the nobility and the decisive importance of what he indifferently calls “reason”, “philosophical reason”, “right reason”, or “philosophical-religious reason” common to all human beings.

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Bioethical debates. Contributions of religion in the field of research and biomedical practice

As a general rule, bioethical debates deal with the questions raised by scientific-technical breakthroughs in the field of research and biomedical practice. The swiftness with which these advances take place calls into question whether moral philosophy —and in particular theological ethics— can provide answers to the new questions raised, or whether it should capitulate to strategic ethics.

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The Personalism of St. John Paul II

Since Pope St. John Paul II died in 2005, his rich philosophical legacy has not received the attention it deserves. In the 2015 Fifth Annual Summer Seminar, the Hildebrand Project  commemorated the significant tenth anniversary by giving special attention to his seminal personalism. The Seminar did so by setting him in dialogue with Dietrich von Hildebrand, another eminent Christian personalist. In this video John F. Crosby’s contribution on the personalism of John Paul II: “The Struggle for the Person”. What is the difference between someone en something? How does this relate to Aquinas objectivism and to modern subjectivism? What does this mean for – among others – for the sick?

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