Why the only future worth building includes everyone | Pope Francis

A single individual is enough for hope to exist, and that individual can be you, says His Holiness Pope Francis in this searing TED Talk delivered directly from Vatican City. In a hopeful message to people of all faiths, to those who have power as well as those who don’t, the spiritual leader provides illuminating commentary on the world as we currently find it and calls for equality, solidarity and tenderness to prevail. “Let us help each other, all together, to remember that the ‘other’ is not a statistic, or a number,” he says. “We all need each other.”

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Rischi per bambino e madre dell´ utero affittato

mensvruchtbaarheid2aLa nascita di un bambino da ‘madre in affitto’ è seguita dal rapido allontanamento del bambino per consegnarlo alla coppia che lo ha commissionato. Ci si preoccupa di diritti del bambino di conoscere i genitori, di possibili ricadute psicologiche. Ma a questi non possiamo non aggiungere i rischi immediati per la salute, di cui purtroppo nessuno parla.

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Homosexuality and Hope

HomosezualityHope1The Catholic Medical Association in the USA offers a summary and review of the status on the issue of homosexuality. This summary relies extensively on the conclusions of various studies and points out the consistency of the teachings of the Church with these studies. It is hoped that this review will also serve as an educational and reference tool for Catholic clergy, physicians, mental health professionals, educators, parents and the general public. The research referenced in this report counters the myth that same-sex attraction is genetically predetermined and unchangeable and offers hope for prevention and treatment.

The summary and review is also online available in French, Spanish and Italian.

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“Science is a friend of ethics” – Carlo Bellieni’s blog and ‘ABC of bioethics’

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“Science is a friend of ethics”. This is what Dr. Carlo Valerio Bellieni writes on his blog that analyzes and comments science news sources. Dr. Bellieni is an Italian neonatologist and bioethicist. He serves as Secretary of the Bioethics Committee of the Italian Pediatrics Society, and is a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life and of the Directive Board of the Scienza e Vita Association. He is also a member of the ethical board of the Siena Biotech research facility, and of the Ethical Board of the Siena University Hospital, where he directs the neonatal intensive therapy unit.

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